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Welcome to the Rebel Minds Learning Collective, where we cultivate confidence through increasing competence in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) for clinicians at all levels. Our membership community is designed to provide you with everything you need to be a kick ass DBT practitioner.

Whether you’re a beginner seeking foundational training, an advanced practitioner preparing for Linehan Board Certification, looking for a deep dive into more specialized topics, or simply are searching for a supportive community to do this work alongside you, the Rebel Minds Learning Collective has you covered. 

What is it?

The Rebel Minds Learning Collective is an all inclusive membership that provides all of the clinical training and support you need to thrive in your work as a DBT provider. 

Designed as a training resource hub for mental health professionals, The Collective is your one stop shop for DBT providers of all levels. 

Whether you have been doing DBT with OG’s since the 90s or you are current Googling what DBT means, you are in the right place! 

A Look Inside The Rebel Minds Learning Collective

Our membership includes:

Our library features additional complimentary training, such as “Cultivating the Practice of Presence,” a six-week mindfulness course, and “DBT Teams Essentials,” a five-week program enhancing clinician capabilities in team consultation. Members help decide future training topics that they can attend live, or watch the recording on their own time.

Joining our collective doesn’t just offer support; it paves the way toward obtaining the highest level of certification in DBT—the esteemed DBT Linehan Board Certification. Our meticulously curated training components fulfill the certification training criteria, guiding you toward this prestigious milestone. We know that pursuing DBT certification can be challenging. That’s why our membership is crafted to provide the right support, motivation, and energy to empower you on your journey. 

Join the collective to boost your skills, increase motivation, and leave feeling energized, all to better equip you for the life-saving work you do.

Let's Do This!

The Rebel Minds Learning Collective is Perfect for

Providers New To DBT

DBT Providers Seeking Advanced Training

DBT Providers Pursuing DBT-LBC Certification

DBT Providers Seeking Community

Meet Your Coach Shaelene

Owner of a thriving group practice, DBT of South Jersey and certified DBT-LBC clinician, Shaelene has been practicing DBT since 2009 and has trained countless providers in this life changing and life saving work. She has trained clinicians from start through certification, and provides specialized consultation to DBT practices both from a clinical and business perspective. 

She is the co-founder of Stabilize and Scale, a breakthrough business immersion to help group practice owners with the business side of running a therapy practice. Together with her co-founder, Katie K. May, they help their members implement systems to help their business thrive while creating meaningful impact in their communities. 

Shaelene is a Certified Provider of Yoga and Trauma Recovery, and trains yoga teachers as well as other helping professionals on the impact of trauma to the mind and body while utilizing yoga as a way to help others heal. She has worked with yoga studios to consult on their offers and has facilitated yoga teacher training segments to ensure yoga teachers are trauma aware. 

An international speaker and host of the T-Talk podcast, Shaelene has been featured on The Group Practice Exchange, All Things Private Practice, Foundations of Connection in Kona Psychotherapy Conference, the Productive Therapist, Doubt Yourself and Do It Anyway Summit, Canvas Rebel and more. 

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My Vision
To cultivate curiosity and growth through education, training, and consulting in the realm of healing
My Mission
I am here to create a massive impact on the world. I train and consult with individuals who want to do the same.
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All Inclusive Membership for the Rebel Minds Learning Collective in DBT.

*6 Month Minimum Membership Commitment

Equity Pricing: Those eligible for Equity Pricing include BIPOC providers, LGBTQ+ Providers, Pre-Grad Students and Interns. Use code EQUITY at checkout for $20 discount off your Membership per month.  Equity Membership includes everything in a Standard Membership.