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Embodied Healing

If you are a yoga teacher who considers yourself an inclusive teacher that truly wants to offer “yoga for everybody”, you may be interested in the Embodied Healing YTT course.

Without having to make drastic changes to your teaching style, there are important considerations to make knowing many of your students have likely experienced a trauma.

Embodied healing is a 15 hour course that can be delivered online or in person, and is open to yoga practitioners and other wellness professionals.

This training can be held as a stand alone module or held as a component of a yoga teacher training program. Shaelene has held this training at several yoga studios such as:

Yoga Rebellion

Yoga Bohemia

Sadhana Yoga Deleware

Project Little Warriors

Balanced Planet Yoga

Contact our team today if you are interested in bringing this training to your yoga studio or your clinical team.

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Yoga + Trauma

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