The Rebel Minds Learning Collective

The Training Resource for All Things DBT

The Rebel Minds Learning Collective?

The "What" and "Why"

What: An all inclusive membership focused on the training and support of DBT providers at all levels through a mix of:

  • Live Trainings
  • On Demand Training Library
  • Live Group Coaching
  • Community Discussion Forum
Why: Because the work of DBT is both complex and beautiful. It can feel rigorous while also feeling like a form of art.  Doing DBT will change not only the lives of clients served, but of the providers who get to do the work. The Collective is a place to provide ongoing access to training at an affordable price, while also building a supportive community for  those doing the work.

How Do I know If I Am A Good Fit For The Rebel Minds Learning Collective?

"Leveling up in DBT is a fantastic training for medium to advanced level DBT practitioners to up-skill their DBT practice. I found the content really relevant and engaging, and both Kathryn and Shaelene as facilitators to be very knowledgeable, skilled, and dynamic. I would highly recommend this training to help fine tune your DBT skills! - Dr Chris Murray, Clinical Psychologist
"You should take this course if you have learned DBT but you feel like that high school language class and a summer abroad were not enough to feel more fluent with the complex language of DBT. So much feels more simplified for me now. Excellent instruction, fabulous roleplays and powerful mindfulness exercises. This course was more valuable than the intensive DBT training I took that was 3x the cost!" - Leya Worcester, LCSW (Leveling UP in DBT)
"If you really want to know how to deliver adherent DBT (even in private practice) and do it with confidence and accuracy, this is the training that is going to do it for you. Trainers have such wealth of knowledge, expertise, and creativity. The training also offer an incredible amount of resources. I’m definitely doing more trainings with them in the future." -Ángela Calderón LPC (Leveling UP in DBT)
"I would highly recommend this training for anyone interested in deepening their DBT knowledge, and skills and increasing their readiness to implement DBT in their professional and personal practices. I felt very empowered and so well-informed during this training. Furthermore, throughout the training, I felt the warmth, genuineness, and authenticity of the presenters. This, coupled with their clear knowledge of the core DBT concepts and enthusiasm for teaching them, has left a strong impression on me and has increased my commitment to pursuing DBT-adherent practice. -Tranese Morgan, PsyD., LCP (DBT Starter Pack)
"Working with Shaelene has given me more than I imagined in terms of return on my investment. She brings a rare combination of deep clinical expertise and business savvy together, and she has been incredibly generous in sharing her knowledge and coaching me to be a more competent DBT therapist."-Daina Haines, LCSW
"Shaelene and Kathryn are well recognized DBT practitioners who love to share their knowledge and bring it to life for people looking to add DBT to their practice. They offer a caring environment to learn and practice which was most appreciated." Kelly Redkoles, LCSW (DBT Starter Pack)
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A Look Inside The Rebel Minds Learning Collective

Our membership includes:

Our library features additional complimentary training, such as “Cultivating the Practice of Presence,” a six-week mindfulness course, and “DBT Teams Essentials,” a five-week program enhancing clinician capabilities in team consultation. Members help decide future training topics that they can attend live, or watch the recording on their own time.

Joining our collective doesn’t just offer support; it paves the way toward obtaining the highest level of certification in DBT—the esteemed DBT Linehan Board Certification. Our meticulously curated training components fulfill the certification training criteria, guiding you toward this prestigious milestone. We know that pursuing DBT certification can be challenging. That’s why our membership is crafted to provide the right support, motivation, and energy to empower you on your journey. 

Join the collective to boost your skills, increase motivation, and leave feeling energized, all to better equip you for the life-saving work you do.

Let's Do This!

The Rebel Minds Learning Collective is Perfect for

Providers New To DBT

DBT Providers Seeking Advanced Training

DBT Providers Pursuing DBT-LBC Certification

DBT Providers Seeking Community

Join The Collective

For teams of 5 or more, email us at [email protected] to request a discount.


/ Month


All Inclusive Membership for the Rebel Minds Learning Collective in DBT.

*6 Month Minimum Membership Commitment

Equity Pricing: Those eligible for Equity Pricing include BIPOC providers, LGBTQ+ Providers, Pre-Grad Students and Interns. Use code EQUITY at checkout for $20 discount off your Membership per month.  Equity Membership includes everything in a Standard Membership. 

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